Regenerating your whole goddamn body with hormones and lasers (fuck it sounds cool when I put it that way) is a strange experience.

But I'd imagine for others, especially those who aren't used to having trans friends, it can be a little stranger. I'm guessing so based off some of the more entertaining reactions I've gotten when I run into people who hadn't really seen me since before I began hormone therapy.

For something more or less light-hearted, I figured I'd bust out my top few hormone-therapy reaction lines (some are good, some are bad, some are just funny).

  1. [on complaining about fitting dresses with my figure & bust] "Is this the time to mention that, look, you’re the one who went and got breasts?"

  2. "So, uhm... the transgendering looks like it's working."
    [note: don't ever use transgender as a verb]

  3. "Would it be weird if I said your breasts were developing well?"

  4. [someone I've known for years] "It's a pleasure to meet you."
    [at first I thought this was a politeness thing - like, they were meeting me again for the first time - but it turns out they flat out didn't recognise me and quickly became deeply embarrassed]

[female friend gives me a hug hello]
"So, how're you doing? How've you been?"
"Pretty good."
[long pause]
"Men suck, hey?"


and my personal favourite...

  1. [mate sees me at a bar, looks me up and down] "You've changed, man."