As I've written about before, one of the strange and relatively unique aspects of my current experience I keep running into is the combination of being in my mid-thirties and having a circle of cool, nerdy friends around that age or older... and the increasing pool of queer/trans friends who're ten or so years younger.

It comes, I think, out of the common experiences I have with them (coming out, transitioning and/or exploring new things about my sexuality and identity) at a similar time to people quite a bit younger than me.

It does mean my social experiences tend to flit between two large pools of people, and there is just one thing about this that I find stressful:

The bitterness or at least jaded mentality many of the older friends I have shows, especially when contrasted with the energy and passion of my younger friends. Not that I can blame them. But both behaviours are infectious, so I'm torn between admiring my more mature friends, but desperately wanting not to lose the excitement I share with my younger queer friends.

It's hard to figure out a solution, but I keep thinking of the moves some of my friends have taken to excise angry, bitter people from their lives for their own mental health.

It's not quite the same for me here, but I just know I want to try and stay positive.