I've noticed there are really only two states as I go through HRT - extreme happiness and excitement at what's happening to me, and nervousness that it won't "work right", no matter how absurdly that second thought flies in the face of body changes obvious to everyone but me most days.

(The latter seems to happen when I get paranoid that my body will somehow 'stop' at this point, rather than doing what I know full well it will do - keep feminising over years.)

Some aspects of body feminisation are very slow, and often hard to notice if you, say, see your own body every day. It isn't until you compare with old photos or meet up with a friend who flat out doesn't recognise you at first and does a double-take that you go, "Oh shit, I really do look different."

I can't tell you any one week where my face seemed 'softer' than before, or when I noticed my cheek bones seemed a bit more prominent as my subcutaneous fat on my face settled in different places. Or even when my lips became just slightly more prominent and full.

I can, however, tell you when my breasts grow - because they tend to grow in spurts. Oh, that and when they do, they achey and sore as hell. Like, the kind of sore that when you're meeting a friend you're quietly thinking "oh for the love of Cthulhu's unquenchable hunger, PLEASE don't hug me too tight".

But even then, 'growth spurts' still seem hard to notice sometimes. Which means that some days, when some combination of how I'm sitting, what I'm wearing or just my mental place that day, I really DO notice how I've changed. Almost like somehow the recognition part of my brain forgets the last few months, and is able to properly re-evaluate what I'm seeing.

Today was one of those days. I had finished breakfast and was lounging in my chair procrastinating, not wearing much more than a singlet, and I glanced down at myself and realised that I just look womanly now. Slightly curvy hips, a waist, and an increasingly hard to ignore bust.

It was one of those moments that just made my heart leap.

I've never felt more comfortable with myself.